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Download vs Play Online: If you are using a PC running MS-Windows and you are on a computer that you are allowed to download to, Download is clearly the best option.  The program will have a much higher resolution, the speed and animations will be better, and the program is on your own PC to use whenever you wish.  If you are on a school computer that does not allow downloads or your are using a Mac, the the Play Online option is the best alternative for you.  It will have a much lower resolution and the animations are somewhat distorted.  Download and Play online are BOTH FREE.






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You can click the Full Screen button for a larger picture after the show begins playing.  You may need to use the left mouse button to advance from slide to slide. 



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  Basic Skills    
Nouns K  (updated April 2009) Download  
Nouns L (updated April 2009) Download  
Nouns M (updated April 2009) Download  
Nouns N (updated April 2009) Download  
Nouns O (updated April 2009) Download